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creative mandalas -  Wonderful resolution finders for difficult situations.
About Helen

Helen has been creating her mandalas for over 22 years.   After  many  years  as  a professional   opera singer,  touring Britain,  then residing with her family, teaching singing, and  running a Sound   Healing/ Rebirthing /Primal Therapy  practice and Holistic Center in Bangor Northern  Ireland, she returned to her home in Adelaide South Australia.  Here she began creating mandalas which changed the  direction of her life again. 
The  joy of  offering  these exciting  pieces of original unique  artwork, combined  with voice sound healing, and now created in the New Ascension Energy, has become her present passion  in assisting others at this extremely exciting time on our planet.


To use our intuition to come out of denial, what has been laid down and restimulated over many generations over and over, is the secret to Humanity's Ascension and re-awakening. I use my intuition to mine the depths of the Collective of Humanity, stimulated and highly motivated by a life shared with my twin flame (the father of my children) and his traumatic childhood.  The need to clear the cellular memory for my offspring and grandchildren is what drives me on.
Out of the necessity to fulfill my contract for this lifetime and many previous lifetimes preparing this particular family line from enlightened choices between incarnations, I have developed and remembered much to arm me with the necessary motivation to find answers that can inevitably confront some but driven to heal and reveal truths that will release my offspring and their offspring to build a new and enlightened family line. I also do this for the whole multidimensional scheme of things and the Collective mind of Humanity.
By following my intuitive nose when doing my research, I arrive at a dot of information which leads to another dot. (staying detached as to the outcome!) These dots, coupled with higher guidance, allows me to plow on doing what I believe is my soul purpose to add to the awareness and knowledge base of the collective mind of humanity. I have been successfully doing this, feeling enthused with my progress, difficult though it has been sometimes, but extremely satisfying never the less.

I look forward to creating a mandala for you to assist you through any difficulties in your life.

The mandala below was a turning point in my mandala creating life. It took 9 months to birth itself and I had to create another mandala to understand and find the words to give this new level of understanding a language.   It is The Grand Master level of the New Ascension Energy - the energy created by the Intergalactic Beings to take us through to the 5th Dimension and further.

Helen's  mandalas  are   wonderful  resolution finders     for    difficult     situations    giving unexpected  answers  in   extremely  
surprising    ways.


Each individually attuned mandala is voice sound healed throughout the process of the creation of your mandala by Helen, clearing any blocks  to  the  completion  of  your mandala which can assist you achieving your life purpose, releasing  shadow  energies  effortlessly  
through  the  vibrational healing  of 
 Helen's Voice   and   Sacred  Geometry  
(the  basis   of   Mandalas).

It is interesting the way in which a mandala arrives, Helen tells us.
I “lock on” to the person, and the archetype  or being transmitting,  then  the picture evolves on the page. Sometimes I can  see the actual archetype but mostly it is an adventure which manifests as these beautiful paintings that come from the highest aspect of  myself;  the newly evolved  archetype  of  the
Grandmaster  of  the   New  Ascension  Energy 
(the result of the evolution of Twin Flames).  
 This  energy surpasses   all  other ascension  teachings   taking  us  and   our planet into  our future on  a  completely  new  energy  time  line,
disconnecting  us  from  our  past,  effortlessly  integrating  the
shadow knowledge,  bringing  it  into the  light   completing
the state of Unity.

As a result of this state of Unity a  massive amount of personal healing and clearing can extend to your entire Bio-Family,
genetic line, blood line, collective human race memory, planetary memory, solar memory, galactic memory and universal memory,
all different aspects of our multi-faceted Universal Intergalactic Self.
                                                                    Heart Chakra
                                               Healing and Releasing Genetic Interference

Nature Alone
Breathing Space by Sacred Earth
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