creative mandalas - Gallery 2
creative mandalas -  Wonderful resolution finders for difficult situations.


                         The Great Mother Goddess connecting                           Personal Mandala
                                               us to Source



Base Chakra changing Tribe connection                               Creating space on FB Mandala group
from Soul to Source connected Souls.                                   to evolve and allow freedom to share.

Crystal Bed Therapies Practitioner                                                  Yoga Teacher



Practitioner Mandala   ©                            This Mandala is of Blessed Gaia to celebrate 
                                                                    the connection of the other aspects of Gaia (a facet
                                                                    of Sophia) on the other side of  the Void of Creation. 
                                                                    We have aspects of ourselves there also!    ©

Enlighten Adelaide Festival
Enlighten Adelaide Festival

Personal Mandala - Ascension Key with
access to Ancient Knowledge now connected  
to Earth Grids

                                                      Personal Mandala

                              Website for Adoption reconnection
Home Mandala   Connecting Inter Galactic
Beings to household. Home of Practitioner.

                     Healing of Gaia's Heart and Soul                                          Practioner's Mandala
Wirinna S.Australia

Personal Mandala                                                             
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Metatron's Cube


                       Bringing the Light to the Dark/Shadow multidimensinall from Source



Family Mandala                                                          Mandala created to Sell Home and buy New                                                                                                                    Home (Very Successfull!!)

Spiritual Warrioress in her nurturing 
capacity (the Chesterhedron for the
Heart Muscle creating a portal to "Home")

           Helen creating one of her mandalas. 

Sacred Earth
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