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Beginning Friday 1st February 2019

If you are interested in activating/remembering your ability to speak Light Language, I shall be offering a Master Class Series (7 sessions.)  These classes involve channelling from original aspects of yourself, reconnecting and remembering what these aspects already know and have expertise in.  The art is allowing yourself to go beyond the Matrix controlling and separating each of us from our True Self to evolve and assist in the creation of the coming Golden Age.

*Information regarding Ascension especially focussed on Light Language and its origins. eg       Advanced spiritual civilizations such as Lyra.
• Sacred geometry to create the safe space for the activation to occur. This will include Heart & Throat Chakra mandalas, possibly also the 7 main chakras.
• Some vocal coaching – both speaking and singing, to create and establish a stable technique.
• Recommended reading.
• Certificate of attendance on completion of course.

Light language is an extremely super fast way of achieving a goal or intention. It surpasses anything you might have experienced previously as it is seeding the new and releasing the old in the now moment, immediately connecting you with Source/The All That Is and the ability to channel Source energy with the aid of actual Light Language to give this energy meaning. It takes you beyond the human mind set into realms where effortless is the norm!

Helen is a catalyst & spiritual facilitator in Multi-dimensional Intergalactic New Ascension energies of Creation using Sacred Geometry and Voice - Light language spoken & in song. Helen has been channeling for over 30 years, the transition from opera singer & voice teacher very much assisting the transition into the world of Light Language.
Please PM or contact Helen for more information 0422 490 914

Master Classes in Light Language       $70 per session Pay as you go.
                                                              $420 Early Bird/Pay Up Front 

                     Wedding Mandalas

               A3 (30 x 21cm)                 $210

               A1 (55 x 65cm)                 $450

Both sizes have diamantes and crystals to enhance the healing properties of these special mandalas for this very special occasion.


Light/Dark MANDALA Process  
    The dark mandala captures the Dark energies that can        block you.  This mandala is enlightened and then burned.

  • The process has effortlessly cleared blocks for many            people who are now enjoying the benefits of this successful and profound process.
  • Please ask Helen for this process to be done when you order your mandala.  

You will receive (by Post)  the original unique hand-painted mandala  (the dark one having been burnt releasing you of your belief structures that are blocking you allowing these dark beliefs to be enlightened and become knowledge in the Light)                                    
    Fee:     $150  (including  P & P) 

INDIVIDUAL MANDALAS                                                    Helen  creates  individually attuned  handpainted  individual mandalas for you.

        Choose from Personal, Relationship, Family, Home, Business or Practitioner
        (or a mandala of your particular intention or choice).

30 mins         $ 70           (Size A4      "        "    "  )
One Hour      $105          (Size A4      "         "   "  )
2   Hours       $210          (Size A3    30  x  42 cms)
Many Hours  $450          (Size A1    55  x  65 cms)
15 mins          $ 45          (Size A4 30 x 21cm) (at Fairs)

Soul Mastery Course   

      11 Chakras    12 sessions  One on One          $600
      (or $65 each weekly or fortnightly session)
      Contact Helen if you wish to arrange payment options.
         Includes Life Coaching and Voice Sound Healing throughout course.
         (Max 6 months to complete the Skype course on the internet.)
          * Helen runs the Soul Mastery Course in one-on-one situations, Skype, small groups,
           retreats in peaceful surroundings.  Contact Helen to arrange mutually suitable
           times   if  you  wish  to  participate  in  this  course  personally   with  Helen.

       BEGINNERS CLASSES - come play while learning how to        create  Mandalas. 

       I will sing your soul song during the session.            2.5 hours         $70

  • Soul Song  Helen (as an ex-opera singer) offers to sing your Soul and
          your-self  into the Source Field energy of the future.
           This  is vibrational healing  at  a very deep core level resulting in
           profound release with an easy and relaxed approach to fulfilling                     
           your purpose in  life.   Releases  inhibiting   thought    processes.
           Includes techniques to speak in power your name and the
           Archangels invoked on your behalf.
           Soul Song emailed to you.                                      Soul Song $100

I am sometimes asked how I do my light language sounding.
It is a strange thing to give up being supported by accompaniment of another instrument, singing composed music of someone else and become the sounder on behalf of other dimensional beings who want to offer healing and inspiration to our 3D reality. This can be any of the Intergalactic Beings I channel, be they Arcturians, Hathors or Pleiadians etc. Sounding The Great Mother Goddess is a also a great privilege which I still to this day, after over 30 years of sounding her find an extremely humbling experience.

If you would like to have an exhilarating Sound Healing Experience please contact me
           (Helen is a member of The Sound Healers Association  (USA)   

  •  Individual Sessions - learn basic Mandala creation. 

       Some sound healing included.                         2 hours    $70

 VOICE COACHING  $80 / hour    Builds self confidence
Any Questions?  Helen can be contacted by phone 0422 490 914 or through the form below.
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