creative mandalas - Soul Mastery Course
creative mandalas -  Wonderful resolution finders for difficult situations.

Helen has Diplomas in Primal & Regression Therapy & Operatic Performance (University of Toronto & London Opera Centre) many years of experience as a professional singer in  UK and great success in singing teaching in Northern Ireland. 
Helen ran the first Sound Healing Meditation Groups in Adelaide and laid the foundation for Mandala creation in Adelaide. Combined with her 26 years experience creating her Mandalas.
for thousands of people.  

Creativity is the power  of  imagination.  
It is  discovering your own special   talents. 
 Dare  to  see things  in new ways and  find different ways to solve problems.
With your creativity, you can bring something new into the world.

Are you struggling to change negative behaviours or limiting beliefs?
Are you searching for a solution to lifelong issues?
Mandalas unlock your mind giving you answers in surprising ways!

This profound and confidence building course includes: 
  • Create mandalas for your chakras  -  gaining progressively deeper understanding of the healing involved in creating mandalas.
  • Multi-dimensional healing - access other dimensional aspects of yourself.
  • Connect to DIVINE CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE/THE SOURCE FIELD through connecting with your Intergalactic Being who will facilitate this process.
  • Become and live being a CO-CREATOR.
  • Life Skills Counseling.
  • Voice coaching learning basic sounding - gain confidence in yourself by learning to sing.
  • Recommended Reference Books.
  • Handouts.
The Benefits of this exciting and exceedingly practical course. 
  • Find your own answers and solutions to problems in surprising ways.
  • Increase your mind power.
  • Break closed loop thinking that makes problem solving almost impossible.
  • Trust yourself.
  • Release the Illusory Self, gaining new knowledge.   Heal the separation between yourself and your Self.
  • Open the door to a new future for yourself as a co-creator by Timeline Jumping.
  • Become connected and guided by your Intergalactic Being (who is part of the beings who created this enormous adventure in Light and Dark energies (!) who are overseeing it.

The understanding of Sacred Geometry  (the basis of Mandalas)  comes  from trusting yourself and intuiting onto the page what you require to make the  spiritual  awareness changes  that the   different configurations open your mind to receive.    One has to have an open heart to receive if one is asking for change.    It is not like learning Reiki or Seichim symbols but opening up to receive from higher aspects of  yourself (channelling) multi-dimensionally the  knowledge and thus discovering new and relevant symbols and configurations.  A person cannot give these to you at the level sacred geometry works, they come from the knowledge of higher aspects of yourself.
Opening a circle, whether it be on a page or on the  floor with crystals creates  (creating a New Time Line for yourself)  a new space in which to learn and gain wisdom, bypassing the ego or  consciousness.  
The energy  itself contained  within the circle  does the  teaching or assisting  to remember  (I only facilitate)  what  you  already  know  as a soul from repeated incarnations and other existences in other dimensions even Galaxies!    
Beliefs held in our cellular memory, or the culture we live in and the human collective,  can be major inhibiting factors in our being held back. It is possibel to capture and create sacred geometry for our shadows, enlighten and burn (to keep us safe) bringing this important knowledge into the light of our consicous awareness. This enlightened knowledge is our protection.  Trusting ourselves engenders  trust  in  others allowing  us  to  move  forward  into  the future the new energies sacred geometry can create for us.

given on completion of Soul Mastery Course.
Single individual tuition sessions available  to suit your needs.  Come and play with mandala creation. 
 See Beginners Creating Mandalas Workshop.
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