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                                                          SOUND  HEALING
                           Light Language
         (or Healing Voices from other Dimensions  and Galaxies)

Feeling the emptiness at the center of things,
One experiences the profound silence which is the birthplace of sounds,
of planets, of suns, of thoughts and of life itself.
It is here that we hear the Celestial Music and remember.

I am sometimes asked how I do my light language sounding.
It is a strange thing to give up being supported by accompaniment of another instrument, singing composed music of someone else and become the sounder on behalf of other dimensional beings who want to offer healing and inspiration to us in our 3D reality. This can be any of the Intergalactic Beings I channel, be they Arcturians, Hathors or Pleiadians even Beyond the Beyond!
Sounding The Great Mother Goddess is a also a great privilege which I still to this day, after over 30 years of sounding her, find an extremely humbling experience.
If you would like to have an exhilarating Sound Healing, Light Language Experience please contact me.

Helen is now offering Light Language Master Classes. See Beginners & Light Langauge page.

Helen, as an ex- professional opera singer (University of Toronto & The London Opera Center UK), can assist you to find your soul voice, have confidence in yourself, learn to project your voice and the breath control involved in voice production for singing or chanting.

a Tool for Transformation
Singing regulates, sustains and deepens the breath, increasing the sensitivity of our hearing and refines the internal sensing process.  Singing resonates the entire physical body and electro-magnetic field,  fully engaging the mind, giving the emotions a vehicle for expression and an overall sense of well-being.  When we combine the singing of sustained pitches with specific vowels and directed concentration we, revitalize our internal organs, balance our chakras and calm our nervous system.  In short, the quality of our voice can be a reflection of our emotional, physical, and spiritual condition.
Over centuries many methods for training the voice have been devised to meet the rigors of public performance for the various styles that are part of our musical culture today. 
The truly natural healthful voice required for the purpose of meditation or self-development that we seek does not have to focus on constant practice but a focus on the spiritual or soul aspects  which can easily release the healing qualities of voice which can then be used for self healing or for others.
The key to reclaiming a natural voice lies with a full use of the entire breathing process. When our breathing functions without restriction a subtle expansion and contraction can be felt in the whole body, namely the throat, neck, diaphragm, scalp, buttocks and especially the lungs. One’s truly natural voice that we seek can gradually emerge as restrictions in breath support are released, internal organs for support also become more involved, breathing becomes fuller and deeper, the voice becoming more resonant, richer and soul-full.  The fullness, flexibility and resonance of the voice results as a matter of course when we allow these tensions to evaporate.  The healing of the voice is actually enhanced when the vibration of the sounds are focused on healing oneself via the balancing of the chakras with the voice! 
As the vowels of language are the sounds of the soul, particular attention should be paid to correct sounding and shaping of these.  Through the enhanced abilities of sensing voice sounding can bring we are using vibration to open doors to other aspects of ourselves that may have been locked in our unconscious until this moment of new choices. Bringing all this together can be a key to consistent health when there is a free flow of bodily energy with resulting vitality, creating a sense of emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

The Effects of Sound On Your Innate Genius

The use of sound and music to generate “healing” has a long history stretching back to the virtual beginnings of man. Indigenous shamans and healers using instruments such as the human voice, drums, flutes and percussive instruments have been documented to alter brain states (i.e. the neural activity within the brain itself). These studies have shown, for instance, that certain drumming patterns can increase theta activity in the cerebral cortex, a brain state known to be connected with hypnagogic states of awareness, dream-like states of mind as well as states of unusual mental creativity. Using the pure sound and tone of voice can create  non-ordinary states of awareness  a means to enhance human potential  and awakening the Innate Genius.  These altered states of consciousness are a powerful key for unlocking much of our unused potential, and as a technology to assist us, sound and music are unparalleled. While there are unique differences between the brains of individual humans, generally speaking, the left hemisphere processes language and logic.   While there are unique differences between the brains of individual humans, generally speaking, the left hemisphere processes language and logic.  The right hemisphere, on the other hand, does not “comprehend” language as such. However, the right hemisphere processes spatial information, paradox, novelty and non-verbal information in ways that the left hemisphere is incapable of. History is full of instances where scientific breakthroughs occurred when scientists engaged right hemispheric abilities to “see” situations and opportunities in novel ways. When the right cerebral hemisphere is stimulated, as in the use of pure sound or tone, there is often an increase in non-ordinary states of awareness. This occurs because the right hemisphere engages the spatial and intuitive aspects of our intelligence. In these neurological states, our perception of reality (both internal and external) can be very different from our everyday experience. Our senses may become heightened or sensitive, more vivid or refined. It is not uncommon to have a more immediate experience of our inner mental and emotional life through the direct perception of our psychic drivers (i.e., our deeply seated emotions, fantasies and archetypal conflicts or dramas) during these types of altered states. In such instances, our unconscious mental/emotional material may present itself as internal imagery (dream-like images) or even internal dialogues. The lives of great scientists and artists indicate that these states of mind are gateways to our innate genius. Altered states of consciousness are a powerful key for unlocking much of our unused potential. And as a technology to assist us, sound and music are unparalleled.  
Grateful Acknowledgement to Tom Kenyon 


Toroid Nested Field Around a Person
 Sound captured as Sacred Geometry on
 an aluminuim plate (using kelp powder)
It is possible to focus the use of sound, especially voice, to gain access to higher states of awareness. In these heightened states of consciousness we have access to more creative aspects of ourselves and with our everyday censors suspended, non-ordinary experiences can occur.  With these experiences can come healing and emotionally transformative altered states and other dimensions  of consciousness.  We can tend to be rigid in our perception on a day to day level, therefore limiting our individual consciousness. Voice can be unsurpassed as a doorway to altered states and other dimensions of consciousness, opening doors to knowledge and information not available at this level or dimension.
We are also born with the ability to actually heal with our voice. This healing quality of the voice can range from the communication of wonder that comes with just listening to a beautiful singing voice, to the pure quality of a tone affecting the physical and emotional body of the person to whom it is directed.  Voice is unsurpassed as a doorway to altered states and other dimensions of consciousness.  Touching the depth of one's nature through sound seems to have a universally transformative effect.  As a practitioner I am continually awed by the power of sound to touch, to inspire and to heal.
As we become One with the Breath of The Divine Source of All, Light, Sound, Love, we become Instruments of Peace, for ourselves and the Earth. The voice is one of the main keys that we have been given to access a state of communion with the divine - to understand and experience a natural relationship with what has been called sacred.  Instead of using concepts and beliefs to try to elevate ourselves to a state of heightened awareness, we have a tool we can use to sharpen our focus and bring ourselves to that state where we experience much more of Reality.  Another part of our potential is to have a free-flowing instrument of expression - it's a natural thing!
Part of yourself can be trapped at a time when you shut down your singing voice or your true speaking voice (in this life or a past life). And, as we become more aware in general, we want to be free of the limitations of these trapped and wounded aspects of ourselves. Another benefit of discovering your natural voice is your ability to speak your truth. We have so many convoluted reasons for not saying what we actually mean. Freedom of voice leads us to speaking our soul knowledge and wisdom, gained in many soul experiences,  invaluable in moving forward comfortably and securely in this knowledge, creating a new space and future for ourselves.
The healing of the ancestral lines that can come about with healing with  can go back through our families and by means of our voice we exorcise family curses, unacknowledged deaths, redundant themes and patterns, and other ancient hurts.  At the same time we uncover the particular blessings, the gifts which we receive from our ancestors.
There's no place to hide in the sound of our voice. It carries the vibration of the truth of the moment, of the life. Our fear, anger, guilt and shame -- our lives and joy are reflected in the sound of our voice.  As we learn to release the fear, anger, guilt and shame through releasing the voice, blockages,  both physical and emotional,  are released and the energy begins to flow with greater ease.
In the release of our emotions, we have more space to experience love, joy, and soul integration which can also be joyfully sounded by our voice.
Songs of anger, songs of love, walk hand in hand as we explore mysterious regions in the forest of the self.
Translate the emotions into sound and allow the energy of the emotion to ride the current of music and movement.
Of all the sacred sounds on this planet, the one that is most often chanted is the OM. Undoubtedly, at any given moment, there is someone, somewhere chanting this sacred mantra. The OM is considered one of the oldest vocal sounds in existence—many speculate that it has been chanted for untold thousands of years. It is considered to be the “first of all mantras,”  the original, primordial sound—the mantra of creation.
OM is a mantra from the Hindu tradition, a Sanskrit word said to be the sound from which the universe and all of creation first manifested. While pronounced OM, certain Sanskrit scholars state that it is written as AUM. Many consider the two words to be interchangeable. OM is said to be the sound that contains all sounds—it is the totality of all other sounds. Swami Sivananda Radha says, “The cosmic sound AUM, or its condensed form, OM, is the origin of all other sound. OM is everything. It is the name of God.”
OM is a multi-dimensional sound and as such may be understood a number of different ways. One understanding is that OM (or AUM) represents attributes of the major trinity of Hindu gods: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. The sounding of the A represents the energy of Brahma, the creator and the creational process. The U represents the energy of Vishnu, the preserver, and relates to the maintenance and preservation of what has been created. The final M represents the energy of Shiva, the transformer, and relates to the vital transformational energy to shift and change that which has been created and preserved.
Another understanding of OM/AUM is that the A represents the physical plane, the U the mental and astral planes and the M, all that is beyond the reach of the intellect. AUM or OM is the initial syllable that begins almost all mantras. Thus OM represents the Infinite, the One Mind, the all-embracing Consciousness—that which is the very essence of existence.
In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, the OM (AUM) represents different aspects of the trinity of the Body, Speech and Mind of the Buddha, or an enlightened being. The A represents the body, the U represents speech, and the M represents the mind. Sounding the AUM in this manner puts one in resonance with these qualities of consciousness.
The OM is a bija (or seed) mantra and may be utilized to resonate the third eye. However, it may also be chanted as a three-syllable word AUM (pronounced AH-OH-MMM) to resonate the heart, the throat and the crown chakras. In fact, the OM can, through our intent, become a multi-purpose mantra with capabilities of resonating and aligning all the chakras—of cleansing imbalanced energies and purifying self. Sung with sincerity and devotion, vocalization of the OM can put the chanter in touch with the source of all creation, providing a bridge between the spiritual and physical dimensions and opening the way for inspirational contact with higher realms and beings.
OM as a sound symbolizes the supreme Source. To many, the sound of OM is synonymous with the energy of peace. OM may be found as the root of many sacred words of different languages including our western Amen and the Hebrew Shalom, which has many meanings including peace. The OM initiates peace and tranquility when it is listened to, and particularly when it is chanted.
One of the most powerful mantras on this planet is AH. This is an extremely powerful sound—particularly useful for generating compassion. I know you will agree that compassion is truly a key to transformation of consciousness on this planet.
The AH sound is a sacred seed syllable—a sacred mantra in many Eastern traditions including Tibetan Buddhism. It is also a vowel sound—a divinely inspired sound considered sacred in many different traditions including Hebrew Kabbalah.
The AH sound is found in most of the God and Goddess names on the planet (Tara, Buddha, Krishna, Yah, Yeheshua, Saraswati, Wakantanka, Quan Yin, etc.), as well as many of the sacred words (Amen, Alleluia, AUM). As a seed syllable, the AH is universal and may be utilized differently in different traditions, depending upon its purpose.
Most mystical traditions worldwide that work with the vowel sounds in relationship to the chakras find that AH is the sound of the heart chakra. This chakra, located in the center of the chest, is the energy centre associated with love and compassion. Indeed, when many people think about the energy of love, they express it as an AH sound. Many spiritual masters believe that the activation of this chakra is most helpful for achieving higher consciousness and enlightenment. Most agree that the energy of love and the heart is the primary, essential energy of the universe.
Many people also believe that AH is the primary sound that is created when we are born—the sound being birthed on the inhalation of the first breath. AH is also the last sound we make, riding on the energy of our final exhalation. In Tibetan Buddhism, there is a co-meditation technique using the AH sound. Chanting AH together (or even simply by just breathing together) allows people to attune and resonate with each other. It seems that the heartbeat, respiration and brain waves of two people will entrain with each other through breathing or sounding AH together. This use of the AH sound may be particularly effective for those involved in hospice work to be used as a sound of the heart chakra.
I often recommend AH for people who want to work with short mantras in groups because AH is an extremely transformative sound, and yet most people know of it only as a vowel sound—thus it defies association with any spiritual denomination or description as a mantra. While other sounds such as OM might be rejected by certain audiences because they are recognized as Eastern mantras or coming from other spiritual traditions, the sounding of an AH is acceptable by everyone regardless of their background, culture or religion.
Here is an easy exercise working with the AH vowel to generate the energy of compassion. All you do is have people sound an AH while they are generating the energy of compassion. Start first with generating compassion for yourself, then for someone you love, then someone you have neutral energy with and finally someone you have difficulty with. It is this last that provides the greatest opportunity for spiritual growth, since it's easy to send love to someone you love and difficult to do for someone you find difficult.
Connecting with our soul and the Beloved, the sacred marriage, the eternal light living within, and expressing that union, wholeness and deep peace through silence or sound is a powerful and empowering experience. Resonating with the light of the soul sounding through the body voice can be ecstatic. Singing to another, becoming one with their essence and allowing that energy to sound and express the beauty of the being, is a profound and healing experience.  If we speak and/or sing with the awareness and intention that we are carrying Divine Light Love Sound Vibration through our body voice, transformation may happen for ourselves and others.
The human being is an amazing instrument for the music of the soul.

With grateful thanks and acknowledgement to Jonathan Goldman, Chris James, Susan Benson

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