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I have had the immense pleasure and privilege of having been connected, and share friendship, with Helen since 2001. She is a mystical teacher living in our times and reflects and imparts her mysticism in and through her Mandalas. Her Mandalas are NOT created through her intellect, but through her intuition, heart, soul and come from Spirit.
In truth, it is actually not HER Mandala she creates, it is YOUR Mandala. It is about and for you and your awareness, your journey (past, present and future). Helen has the sensational gift of imparting YOUR story/journey into a Mandala. Yes, it is artistic, but it is NOT art.
It is a spiritual reflection of YOU artistically portrayed. The Mandala IS YOU.
Yes, the Mandala will be a beautiful piece to look upon and admire for the artistry, which is a bonus. The intent within the Mandala is to draw from, reflect, meditate, create, transform, enlighten, attract, empower and heal - you, others and the world. Take your journey with this powerful and light-powered source of Spiritual direction and with Helen.
Do not be deceived or disappointed. Helen is not an all-knowing Guru living above all others. She is very much down to earth and is travelling her own journey in this time, this existence. She is fun to be with and a great woman with a beautiful heart and soul. She will herself bring joy, and through the Mandalas, magic, to your life.
Know, that when you engage Helen in creating your Mandala, or a Mandala for a family member, friend or work colleague, you will have, in the finished product, a reliable and empowering ‘spiritual tool’ in which,
the person for whom it has been created, can embark or continue their journey in this time and beyond.
John Roche
Adelaide  Sth Australia
I have to say that since taking possession of my mandala I have noticed a huge shift in my emotional state. It seems that my anger and frustration subsides everyday and I have not felt this "together" for a long time and I know as the days pass it is going to just get better and better. I woke this morning for the first time in a long time actually looking forward to the day.  Tyrone has also had a shift and woke looking very refreshed this morning (he is usualy as sluggish as I am in the mornings). Thank you so much.
Elizabeth North Sth Australia
To experience one of Helen's beautiful Mandala's is truly unique. My first Mandala literally changed my whole way of thinking, seeing and experiencing life. I couldn't wait to learn more and did the Soul Mastery Course and loved learning about symbols and the energetic value of them. To feel the shift in my energy and open up to 'what is' created a whole new learning to life, empowerment, grounding, and connection to Source. I love learning from Helen as she has a strong grasp of everything she intuits, learns and experiences and brings it into the Mandala's that she creates.
We have known each other for many years and I have had individual, family and business Mandalas created for each major change in my life. With the support and guidance of the Mandala's that Helen creates I am very confident in recommending that you jump at the opportunity to have your own masterpiece created just for you.
Marlene Galler
Remedial Therapist
Isis Seichim Master
Energy Healer
I was drawn to Helen’s work through my interest in Sacred Geometry and  was truly amazed at the depth and layers as well as her intuitive choices of shapes and colours which had meaning to me. As the mandala unfolds before you it is vibrant and inspiring as well as being beautiful pieces of art in its own right. The photographs of her mandalas only reflect the final layer of her pieces and it isn't until you sit down with Helen as she produces one that you can really appreciate the true depth and perception of her work. I was drawn to Helen’s work through my interest in Sacred Geometry and I was truly amazed at the depth and layers as well as her intuitive choices of shapes and colours which had meaning to me. As the mandala unfolds before you it is vibrant and inspiring as well as being beautiful pieces of art in its own right. The photographs, on this website, of her mandalas only reflect the final layer of her pieces and it isn't until you sit with Helen as she produces one that you can really appreciate the true depth and perception of her work.
Helen’s work is multidimensional and it clears blockages allowing new energetic pathways to be birthed  because she embodies a truly unique combination of talents. Her beautiful operatic voice is powerful and compliments her mandalas and she uses these gifts to wonderful effect when healing or channelling energetic shifts.
I have no hesitation in recommending Helen’s work.
Linda Dickson
Northern Ireland
I have known Helen for close on 6yrs now, and started a Soul Mastery Class with her back in 2007.
I had never before created Mandalas let alone did any art work, and with Helen's patience due to my lack of co-ordination in creating sacred geometery ( I was all over the place at first) we came to a point where I finally "GOT IT".
I then created Mandala after Mandala until I thought I would be sick, but found the essence of the work is to get into the soul and create magic.
My life has been transformed into something even I would never have envisioned.
Her work is truly magical and life transforming I strongly recommend Helen's
SOUL MASTERY COURSE , you will not be disappointed.
Helen is a truly gifted artist with a warm and funny sense of humour, I am honoured to call her a friend.
Elaine Martin   South Australia
Helen is an amazing lady with so much knowledge and awareness and I am proud to call her ‘friend’. Helen’s Mandalas are always so individual and personalised, as she is working within and for your own individual energy.
As you look at the Mandalas, you see something different each time, something you hadn’t seen before. It is as if they mature and grow with you as you grow.
Apart from the fact the Mandalas are a beautiful creation giving pleasure as you gaze at them, they also give inspiration and enlightenment, even if you don’t know it and are unable to recognise it. A truly beautiful gift for others and yourself.
Jy – South Australia
“I had been researching Mandalas for several years when one day a friend handed me one of Helen’s brochures. I haven’t looked back since!
I did Helen’s course and learnt more about myself and my creativity than I had ever learnt in the past. Prior to meeting Helen I would colour pre-drawn Mandalas, as I did not possess the self confidence to draw them myself. Helen is a Beautiful Soul and a Fabulous teacher. Over the years since doing the course, Helen has been a huge inspiration for my current works of art that I am now able to exhibit in gallery’s and cafes.
Thank You Helen for guiding me on my own path of artistic expressions.”
Sharon Morgan
South Australia
I met Helen in the late 1990's after standing in fascination, watching her create personal Mandalas at a local art & craft show.
I had always doodled and drawn and felt immediately familiar with the geometric process of creating a mandala.
I booked an appointment, she created a mandala for me and advised me I would also be "doing this work' in the future. I attended her mandala course and began my exploration with the mandala as an art form. This gave me the opportunity to sit and reflect and learn and absorb the mystery that is behind sacred geometry and making mandalas.
They are my passion, I create mandalas for myself and others and have designed short courses in making mandalas, with adults and children. Helen has supported and encouraged me the whole journey. She is a mentor and a friend.
Helen creates the most magnificent, inspired art works, beauty in visual forms.
Her mandalas create sacred space where-ever they are displayed and they are transformative pieces.
I highly recommend you have a personal mandala drawn for you, or attend Helen's workshops.
You will find a piece of your creative self!
Danita Clark
Adelaide, South Australia
I first met Helen and began the mandala course approximately 11 years ago. The creative process of the mandala(s) completely transformed my life.Who I was before the course was not the same after completion. An amazing process to gift yourself. The mandala allows truth to bind to integrity and an honest approach to change.
Having seen how the truth of matters comes to light through the mandala, I asked Helen to draw up a mandala for a particular situation. There was a block around this situation and the mandala through sacred geometry un(b)locked this situation. Within half an hour of the completion of the mandala, I received a phone call to say the incident had been resolved. Almost immediate!
Each mandala I created was unique and beautiful......without any art training. The creative process allows your own creativity to flow through.  A fear around creativity was also healed.
I have come to know the mandala as a great healing process and a bringer of truth.  I see Helen as THE mandala her very self, she too brings truth and healing.
Bianca Hausman  Adelaide SA
I began my journey with Helen in 2003. During this time she has shared with me a depth of wisdom that allows me to grow and stretch beyond the limitations I have set for myself.

Her work is not only artistically skillful & beautiful, it is completely supportive and encouraging of my journey, growth and personal awareness.

Helen offers a service that is uniquely tailored specifically to each and every individual. I highly recommend an experience with Helen, either through her group workshops or her individual mandala consultations.

~ Catherine M, ACT ~
Mandalas, flowing the ancient Yogic practice of Yantra, or meditation on divine symbols, have a profound affect on both the environment and its inhabitants. Helen's Mandalas are not only beautiful but undoubtedly contribute to the serenity of both my clinic space and                 me!
Belle McCaleb - Naturopath, Herbalist, Counsellor & Yoga Instructor; St Georges, South Australia

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