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This latest work work is about assisting you in healing the pain originating from the cellular memory of the physical body,  as this can distract & inhibit our progression forward 
into our future as sentient beings with vast untapped knowledge. This knowledge comes from 
our original extremely advanced civilisation volunteering to come down the dimensions to be
here,  remembering   who   we  REALLY  are  at  this  level    (some of us from the Lyran civilization, others will be assisted to remember where they originate from by meditating on this mandala). 
The pain (existential and physical) distracts us from being able to access this knowledge and 
other aspects of ourselves holding information we now need to assist us in the awakening
process of Humanity,  the Ascension process.  This mandala assists in letting go of this so we become clear about our purpose at this moment on Earth.
We already know this information we just need to remember.  

                  One of my mandalas can assist you in reclaiming this knowledge.

                                   Bringing the Light to those who chose the dark path.       


A project is evolving, something big is hiding behind the problems of our world. It’s an elusive consciousness, a feeling that puts us in the Now. As the old political and economic systems crumble, our desire for a new world grows, no longer influenced by fear, hope and scarcity. We are done with the drama and social unrest that make us prisoners. Something needs to be done, but is there anything you can do as an individual? In the society we live in, we are powerless, forced to watch the highly placed politicians figure everything out.

Realise that it doesn’t have to be this way. Today you can choose for change by transcending your feelings of fear. Step to the other side of the curtain to connect with Unity Consciousness. Choose love over fear, action over passivity and confidence over panic.   Care for all people that surround you,   knowing  that  they  are involved in the same struggle.      This way you will no longer be a spectator of negativity, but becoming part of a much bigger world instead.                                                                                                                                                                                         Janosh
Portal to Source of All, The Divine
Helen's Mandalas have a unique way of changing your life in ways that seem miraculous.

In fact,  a mandala connects you to alternate ways and beliefs to achieve what you have always wanted  - to be successful, happy and stress free. 

Of course you may have other issues that you want to solve!   
One  of Helen’s mandalas can fix what seems unfixable.

                                         Here is an example of 
                               Intergalactic Being Mandala

Do you want to ………….

·        Have a loving, meaningful, caring and sexually satisfying            relationship?

·        Change your work situation…….with the perfect job,                  working with companionable,           
         colleagues, excellent pay and in the most  healthy                          environment?

·        Feel as though you deserve the best in life?  Would you like          to effortlessly change what 
         does not work in your life with the results of effortlessly              inspiring yourself and others in 
         high achievement?

·        Live in a home that totally suits yours and your family’s              needs in every way?

·        Create the sort of lifestyle you've always wanted?

·        Free yourself of the constant battle with stress and anxiety?

·        Overcome a serious illness?

·        Free yourself of false fears?

·        Connect to and trust yourSelf, your intuition, heart, soul                and spirit?

·        Help a family member, friend or work colleague?

·        Resolve any conflicts you may have?

·        Want a huge shift emotionally with the associated balance?

·        Create a whole new learning to life, empowerment,                      grounding, and connection to Source?

        Find out why Helen's customers keep coming back and                                  recommending Helen’s unique                                                                mandalas to others.

Know, that when you engage Helen in creating your Mandala, or a Mandala for a family member, friend  or  work  colleague, you will have,  in  the  finished  product,  a reliable  and empowering ‘spiritual tool’ in which, the person for whom it has been created, can embark or continue their journey in this time and beyond.

Business Mandala (Intergalactic Level)

Mastership is hidden in acceptation and surrender.
It is adapting yourself to what is, opening yourself for what is not and  accepting  what cannot  be  changed.   In this highest state of consciousness,  every desire for control disappears and you make use of everything that life offers you.                                  Janosh



You   always   have    choice.   

The Great Mother Goddess  or  Sophia  appears  in nearly  every  culture  and  society;   she is concerned with the survival and maturing of all creation.  She is black because she is primal  (the first important, original and fundamental). She has hidden herself in the unconscious of humanity until recently to save herself from complete destruction. 

She is typiclly espressed in Sacred Geometry (the basis of mandalas) as a Diamond over a Square as seen here on the left.  The central configuration is that of a Chestahedron which is the opening of a Portal Home through the activation of the Heart Muscle (not the Heart chakra)


                                         Opening a Portal to heal an ancient burial site


                                                                     Yoga Studio 

    Inter Galactic Being Mandalas  -  Reconnect with your overriding/over-lighting Being that will             guide you through  these challenging times of new energies coming to the planet.             


Intergalactic Being Personal                                                  My 100 yr old Mother!
                                                                                              (now passed over)


STARGATE ADELAIDE                                                   STARGATE BELFAST
              for Southern Hemisphere                                                   for Northern Hemisphere

MANDALAS can be a wonderful resolution finder for difficult situations giving unexpected answers in extremely surprising ways.

Helen has been creating her mandalas  for  over 20 years offering these  uniquely hand painted pieces of art to those interested in original art work with special spiritual intent to enhance the general quality of their life.


           purify,  heal, stabilize and empower a person for joy,  fulfillment,  success,
          open   multi  dimensional  doorways,  clearing shadow aspects and  allowing                 hidden  gifts to emerge.  

The secret is,  achieving,  not   condemning  what is bad in yourself and throwing it away, but by a process bring opposites together.  The ego must see that is belongs to the same reality as your soul.
It needs  to  find  so  much  in common with  your  soul  that  it  lets  go  of  its selfish agenda in favour of a better way of life.

A circle,  the starting point of a mandala,  by -passes the conscious/ego, enabling us to access  higher  awareness  and  understanding   which  then allows us to cope with the unknown.    It is  truly who we are  that a mandala allows us to feel and deeply know; the  shapes  held  within the mandala unlocking the mind creating a space for this new awareness to grow, bringing to the light of your conscious awareness “things” that have been hidden by the darkness of unconsciousness.

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