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Each of Helen's Mandalas are hand painted &  individually  created especially for you, connecting you consciously to Source/The All That Is/The Divine and is a key code to assist you to remember who you truly are and what you life purpose is.  

Sound  & intention ​has activated all of these mandalas for the enhancement of the Collective Mind Set of Humanity & Gaia as well as  the person who ordered or commissioned these mandalas. 

Please respect the psychic privacy of the individuals who have ordered the original mandalas.

If you are looking to improve your life, create inspiration, build your business or give a loved one the opportunity to live a confident, successful & fulfilling life then consider having a mandala created to bring the bliss into any situation requiring clear direction from a higher perspective. 


Enjoy the Creation Energies from Source, All Helen's Mandalas connect you to Source/The All That Is/The Divine

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