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Helen Grant-Johnston is a catalyst & spiritual facilitator in Multi-dimensional  Intergalactic New Ascension energies of Creation using Sacred Geometry and Voice - 
   Light language spoken & in song.

Mandalas are a code language that your subconscious understands.   It  has  helped  people  to  change   their behaviours  and  beliefs  to  easily  find  purpose  in life.

  • If you are looking to find answers to some puzzling problems that are inhibiting you from moving forward or a health issue you would rather not have, then one of my mandalas is just the thing! Many people have requested mandalas over the years for various reasons, all with the intention of making a change that did not seem possible after many unsuccessful attempts to make these changes. Mandalas get to the foundation issues of problems, rooting out the cause at a deep level returning you to the place of truth about yourself and your reasons for being here on this planet at this particular time. If life seems difficult and you would like some answers then allow me to create one of my Intergalactically Inspired Mandalas. They have the power to awaken you to your own inspired answers to these difficulties.

                                 or ARCHETYPE

Since Light Language arises from your highest expressions of SELF and penetrates deep into your unconscious self, it is best perceived as if you have fully connected your super-conscious self with your unconscious self.
Fortunately, many of our volunteers are opening portals to the fifth dimension, and holding these portals open. Then, the higher frequency light streaming through these opened portals can greatly assists those who are cleaning up the lies and dominations that have invaded Gaia’s planetary since the later days of Atlantis.
These higher frequency light-streams are entering Gaia in order to clear some of the many illusions that are hiding in the darkness. It is the NOW to focus on clearing illusions, as well as the NOW to focus on the frequencies “in-between” your higher states of consciousness and you third and fourth dimensional consciousness. 
In this manner, 
(1) your third dimensional conscious self 
(2) your fourth dimensional dream state and creative self 
(3) and your fifth dimensional superconscious expression of SELF
These different frequencies of awareness/consciousness can be fully connected to each other, as well as connected to your own third-dimensional self.  This connection is the reason why theses different expressions of your Multidimensional SELF are beginning to awaken within your consciousness. 
Once these frequencies of SELF are connected within your consciousness, even if you are NOT aware of that connection, you will begin to merge your third, fourth and fifth dimensional states of your consciousness into your third dimensional earth body. 
In other words, you will consciously, or unconsciously, begin to become aware of: 
Your innate Multidimensional Consciousness, 
Your higher expressions of SELF, 
Your mundane consciousness of daily life,
Your states of consciousness “in-between” your daily life and your fourth and fifth dimensional SELF. 
It is when this connection is made that you will begin to increasingly interact with all the higher realms. The whale being at the top of this writing is representative of your deepest unconscious self
Light Language originates in the fifth dimension and beyond. Your third dimensional brain is not calibrated to download that frequency of information, but it can capture the pictures and feelings. 
Light Language is much like dream language. Therefore, if you, the grounded ones, document your dreams when you awaken, it will create a strong foundation for understanding the Light Language that accompanies all of our crop circles and “channeled” transmissions.
We will now go into detail about the images that accompany your light language messages, which are actually  messages that come through you rather than just to you:
 You will then need to totally surrender to that light and free your self of ALL expectations. Listen as you hear to “Let Go".

The message to you is, “If you can find the light hidden within your deepest unconscious, you will be able to connect with deep wisdom within that you have likely ignored.” 
“For many years humanity has thought of the unconscious as a place where negative secrets are stored. Your interfacing with the Whale wisdom assists you to remember in your unconscious, consciousness of Wisdom Power, and Love. This Unconscious Consciousness sweep deep inside your inner “Ocean of Emotion.” 
It is within this ancient Ocean of Emotion where your greatest Wisdom, Power, and Love reside. Wisdom, Power and Love have transmuted you into a majestic whale with flippers that create, maintain and share the messages that they have received as they soared into the higher dimensions of outer space. This Wisdom, Power and Love will assist you to transmute into the higher dimensional expression of your Multidimensional SELF. 
We the Arcturians have sent out the above message many times. However, it is more personal, and has greater meaning when you see it, feel it, surrender to it and deeply experience this message through your own inner light. 
Unfortunately, too often your innate Inner Light is hidden in the deepest oceans of your unconscious mind. You have been indoctrinated to believe that if you share these sacred secrets, that people would think that something is “wrong with you.” 
You have been told again and again that you need to get better, that you should be mortified if you do something “wrong,” or if your body or looks are “not good enough” if your body is not like a movie star’s body. 
Television commercials have been a VERY successful tool of the cabal to diminish the self-esteem of those who watch it. Fortunately, TV commercials will soon, and are increasingly ending. 
People are choosing to enjoy their entertainment via a medium that is not based on commercials. In fact, commercials have a great deal of “subliminal” information that is unconsciously perceived by the viewer.
This subliminal information riddles your third-dimensional media by creating invisible, negative thought forms. Because these negative/controlling messages are subliminal, they are often stored in your unconscious mind. 
You are then “unconsciously” guided to do what the subliminal message tells you to do “or else” you will lose your friends, get fat, be unhappy, lose your job…The list goes on and on. 
It is for this reason that we, your Galactic Family, are reminding you how to read Light Language. Light Language is beyond your third-dimensional mind’s ability to perceive. Therefore, it is often stored in your unconscious along with that which you have repressed. 
Yes, it is true that you have repressed past negative memories. However, you have also repressed memories of very positive events that you know you could not share with others, such as your meeting with Higher Beings or visits to our Starships.
Fortunately, the very “wise whale knowledge” is developing within your conscious and unconscious mind. Once you have remembered how your unconscious mind/body reads Light Language and other higher dimensional communications, you have an instant antidote for the negative subliminal messages that litter your third-dimensional reality
To read Light Language, you must first recognize the “feel” of it, as well as how to discern it from negative symbolic, nonverbal such as within commercials.
Many commercials make you feel “not good enough” and that “you need to improve.” 
On the other hand, Light Language makes you feel loved, honored and vastly important just the way you are NOW. Light Language is filled with: 
Unconditional Love, 
Unconditional Forgiveness, 
Unconditional Acceptance and Violet Fire. 
Therefore, when you receive Light Language you feel happy, honored, euphoric, or you sob from happiness and joy. This sobbing is a form of deep release from your daily negative indoctrination. This release of, “I didn’t know how upset, confused and lonely I was until I felt wonderful!” 
This release of fearful emotions stored in your unconscious is one of the primary gifts of Light Language. Even though your 3D brain may not understand it, your unconscious mind and physical body FEEL the unconditional love and multidimensional light stored in ALL Light Language messages. 
In fact, this Love and Light is the marker that proves that it really is Light Language that is steaming into you from the higher dimensions. We, your Galactic Family, are continually sending you Light Language messages. 
However, the flow of our message through your body can bring on an initiation. An “initiation” usually arises when you are ready to shift into a higher resonance, but your unconscious mind must be cleared before you can fully accept your well-deserved Multidimensional Gift.
In other words, her body received the Light Language message of:
Remember, in order to be Fully Connected with the higher frequencies of reality, you will need to join your conscious self with your super-conscious self, and then add your unconsciousness self to ground your energy field in Gaia.  
It is the joining of your unconscious self, your conscious self, and your super-conscious self with the consciousness of “Inner  Wale” that your unconscious self can “dive deep down in the waters of emotion” and then “soar up towards the sky as breach into the “in-between.”
Since Light Language arises from your highest expressions of SELF and penetrates deep into your unconscious self, it is best perceived as if you have fully connected your super-conscious self with your unconscious self.
In this manner you can also remember how to “read” Light Language messages via the events of your daily life. When you are consciously connected to ALL the full range of your life, you can be fully connected to the full range of life on Earth.
As your consciousness expands into higher frequencies of light, you will consciously perceive any darkness (which is actually fear) that you tucked away in your unconsciousness mind. 
Perhaps you hid that darkness, fear, negative behaviours, and old wounding in your unconscious mind because you did not believe that you could face them. 
But, fortunately, as your inner light grows brighter, you will have more and more courage to consciously perceive and heal the dark secrets you have hidden in your unconscious self. 
Then, once this illusion of darkness is healed,
your innate Wisdom, Power, and Love are revealed.
This Wisdom, Power and Love liberate your innate “loving whale being of wisdom, power, love, and light.” This YOU was always within you, but you to hide it in your unconscious in order to protect it from a world that could NOT believe in your inner whale wisdom, or in your inner self. 
As you heal and honour your past, you will have enough faith in yourself to live in the NOW of the ONE  the  SOURCE.
Within the NOW of the One you are fulfilling your reason for incarnation. 
Within the NOW of the One you are free of past disappointments and future fears. 
Within the NOW of the One you are the best and highest version of your SELF! 
Within the NOW of the ONE, you no longer need to compare yourself to who once were, or who you should be in the future. 
Within the NOW of the One you can remember to Unconditionally Love, Unconditionally Forgive and Unconditionally Accept yourself. 
Within the NOW OF the ONE you are free of the polarities and illusions of the third dimensional world and are able to perceive the Multidimensional Light of the ONE (or Source) that is flowing into your life.
Within the NOW of the ONE you are HOME and HOME is where you have always been, reconnected and remembering you are Source.                                      Thanks to Suzanne Lie Phd

LIGHT LANGUAGE  (or Healing Voices from other Dimensions) ACTIVATION MASTER CLASSES
                                               (See Beginners/Light Language page)


Business, Personal and Practitioner Mandalas

Above: Business, Beyond the Beyond, Bringing the past & future into Present Timeline/Great Mother Goddess, Family, Practitioner/Writer, Personal , Mandalas

Above:  Wedding, Personal, Personal,
Healing of the Divine Feminine/Grand Master Knights Templar
Personal,  Light Language Worker,  Mandalas

Healing of the Female Grand Master Knights Templar, Crystal Grid/Flower of Life Intergalactic level,
Personal Mandala, Personal Mandala, Business Mandala
Personal Mandala (to heal sexual abuse)

I have been creating Mandalas for about 26 years which now have become sacred art in most cases.  A session involves my sounding you (I am an ex opera singer) sometimes at the beginning or end of the session, I then open a circle on the page (by passes the conscious - mine) and I become a direct channel onto the page.  I usually do not know what I am going to create before but love the adventure of seeing what arrives!
As a sensitive you might be able to feel the connections of other aspects of yourself throughout the process, but mostly through the conscious connection to your Intergalactic Being - who you truly are.  It is a most blissful experience, especially the singing of your soul song. 
I channel The Great Mother Goddess and the Future Great Mother Goddess (who some call Golden Tara), Light Language and certain Intergalactic Beings connected to the person I am creating the mandala for.  Added to this, usually at another time as this is quite a significant happening, I create a dark mandala of the person's shadow, enlighten and burn it.  This brings all the multidimensional soul knowledge from the dark into the light, this knowledge then available for conscious use for the positive.  Part of the greater Intergalactic plan.

                                                  New Archetype for the Intergalactic
                                                            Cosmic  Inner Child

                                                              New Energy Portal
                               allowing humanity to move forward into our new future

The new energy is asking us to revisit and redefine how we want to perceive many human concepts to help us re-create a reality that reflects a new and more expanded consciousness.
Reality is certainly something to revisit and explore if we are to be in charge of how we create it.
Reality is defined as “the state of things as they actually exist, rather than as they may appear or might be imagined.”
However, reality is not an objective absolute. It is simply our personal experience of the inner and outer world—the way we perceive it. And this means that reality is different for everybody.

As vibrational beings, we hold a frequency that aligns with the frequency of our thoughts and the frequency of our emotions. Thoughts are the language of the mind, emotions are the language of the heart, and sacred geometry is the language of the soul—the language the subconscious understands. It’s from the subconscious that we can access the quantum field, the space of unlimited possibility from which potential can be guided into form to create our reality.

                               Business Mandala for Trunkabella Gardens Wedding & Special
                                                             Celebrations Events

It is often our conscious (thinking) mind that keeps us from creating the things that we really desire; it prevents us from opening up to the potentials of something new and benevolent entering our lives. Simply because we haven’t experienced something before, we don’t believe it is possible. We operate from inside a box of beliefs that we have created based on clear, precise, analytical, and logical reasoning—all the stuff our conscious mind loves.

To be powerful manifestors and creators of our own reality, we need to invite our conscious mind to loosen let step out of the we can experience something new and transcend our box of beliefs.
Sacred geometry works at the soul level. It can be felt deeply, activating parts of us that are subconscious and multidimensional.
Energy blocks can be dissolved and new connections can be made, allowing room for new insights and perspectives. Activations  (Mandalas) are catalysts for transformation; they are visual, multidimensional meditation tools.
Through sacred geometry (color, patterns, light), Activations/Mandalas create a bridge between sight and soul that supports your journey inward—the growth and expansion of your consciousness.
All you have to do is focus your attention on the image and allow its energy to do its magic.

                                                          Practitioners Mandala
                                                         In the New Energy for
                                                  future advancement spiritually
                                                         for her and her clients.

 Now that multidimentionality is rapidly saturating every layer of our reality, we need to define many concepts multidimensionally as well to include expanded attributes within the layers of the vibrational expression of these concepts. We are asked to fine-tune our awareness in order to receive this much more complex expression of reality. Look at it this way: Imagine yourself as a radio receiver. You have to tune yourself to the frequency of the station that you want to receive. The better you are tuned into that signal—the more precisely you can match that frequency—the more clear the Intergalactic message is.

Everything is made of energy—you, the stuff around you, and even your thoughts and your emotions—and energy has a frequency, measured in waves. Think about all the different wave patterns we are already aware of, such as radio waves, gamma rays, x-rays, ultraviolet rays, infrared rays, and visible light rays. These waves carry different information and can be received at different frequencies. So do your words, thoughts, emotions, feelings, and dreams. They all carry energy, and thus, a frequency.

In the new energy, there are many more frequencies available to us, all carrying rich and complex attributes of reality. More and more, we are opening up to our capacity to receive this information from these different layers of reality. By fine-tuning ourselves to this wide range of information available, we can perceive a reality that is inclusive of all of it.

Fine-tune your awareness with sacred geometry and enter the realm of multidimensionality.


This Mandala  is about assisting you in healing the pain originating from the cellular memory of the physical body,  as this can distract & inhibit our progression forward into our future as sentient beings with vast untapped knowledge.

This knowledge comes from our original extremely advanced civilization volunteering to come down the dimensions to be here,  remembering   who   we  REALLY  are  at  this  level (some of us from the Lyran civilization, others will be assisted to remember where they originate from by meditating on this mandala). 
The pain (existential and physical) distracts us from being able to access this knowledge and 
other aspects of ourselves holding information we now need to assist us in the awakening
process of Humanity,  the Ascension process.  This mandala assists in letting go of this fear so we become clear about our purpose at this moment on Earth, as a corporation collective.

                  We already know this information we just need to remember.  

                  One of my mandalas can assist you in reclaiming this knowledge.

                                   Bringing the Light to those who chose the dark path.       

                  Light Language or Healing Voices from other Dimensions and Galaxies

Spoken or sung Light language is a language of benevolent love and light and has many different dialects. Some of those dialects are early earth languages, star languages or angelic codes. Light Language is the galactic language of love and light. For those who hear it (and speak it) It carries codes for frequency healing, activating DNA, and it is used for healing issues, for toning, meditating, and aligning.
If you have ever had light language spoken to you, you will feel the vibrations of this language even if you don't understand what it does. Some say it sounds familiar, from long ago past. Some cry when they hear it. It is not necessary to understand what is being said- only in the intention of the healing or toning with the intent will facilitate the flow of energy to the right place in your energetic structure. Light language is the gift of higher dimensional frequency healing. These words are energy, sound, and vibration. They are gifts from spirit, to spark your dormant 12-strand DNA potential.
The same goes for the written language of light and Light Language in the of form the sacred geometry.. The Language of Light It is already pre-coded into every cell of our body... We all have these light codes in us pre-coded to awakening. These dormant codes are awakened by light filled sacred geometrical shapes, the Language of Light. Sacred geometry is a way of receiving information and energy to accelerate the Ascension Process.
The Language of Light as it flows from "higher" dimensions into our world holds an electromagnetic inscription encoded in the geometric shapes. A direct teaching on your cellular level, heard by your DNA. Sacred geometry, Sun Gazing, Colours, Spoken Light Language, Sung Light Language, are all Light Language.

A PROJECT IS EVOLVING, something big is hiding behind the problems of our world. It’s an elusive consciousness, a feeling that puts us in the Now. As the old political and economic systems crumble, our desire for a new world grows, no longer influenced by fear, hope and scarcity. We are done with the drama and social unrest that make us prisoners. Something needs to be done, but is there anything you can do as an individual? In the society we live in, we are powerless, forced to watch the highly placed politicians figure everything out.

Realise that it doesn’t have to be this way. Today you can choose for change by transcending your feelings of fear. Step to the other side of the curtain to connect with Unity Consciousness. Choose love over fear, action over passivity and confidence over panic.   Care for all people that surround you,   knowing  that  they  are involved in the same struggle.      This way you will no longer be a spectator of negativity, but becoming part of a much bigger world instead.                                                                                                                                                                                         Janosh
Portal to Source of All, The Divine
Helen's Mandalas have a unique way of changing your life in ways that seem miraculous.

In fact,  a mandala connects you to alternate ways and beliefs to achieve what you have always wanted, assisting you to fulfill your purpose in life.

       One  of Helen’s mandalas can fix what seems unfixable.

                                         Here is an example of 
                               Intergalactic Being Mandala

Do you want to ………….

·        Have a loving, meaningful, caring and sexually satisfying            relationship?

·        Change your work situation……with the perfect job,                    working with companionable,           
         colleagues, excellent pay and in the most  healthy                          environment?

·        Feel as though you deserve the best in life?  Would you like          to effortlessly change what 
         does not work in your life with the results of effortlessly              inspiring yourself and others in 
         high achievement?

·        Live in a home that totally suits yours and your family’s              needs in every way?

·        Create the sort of lifestyle you've always wanted?

·        Free yourself of the constant battle with stress and anxiety?

·        Overcome a serious illness?

·        Free yourself of false fears?

·        Connect to and trust yourSelf, your intuition, heart, soul                and spirit?

·        Help a family member, friend or work colleague?

·        Resolve any conflicts you may have?

·        Want a huge shift emotionally with the associated balance?

·        Create a whole new learning to life, empowerment,                      grounding, and connection to Source?

        Find out why Helen's customers keep coming back and                                  recommending Helen’s unique                                                                mandalas to others.

Know, that when you engage Helen in creating your Mandala, or a Mandala for a family member, friend  or  work  colleague, you will have,  in  the  finished  product,  a reliable  and empowering ‘spiritual tool’ in which, the person for whom it has been created, can embark or continue their journey in this time and beyond.

Business Mandala (Intergalactic Level)

Mastership is hidden in acceptation and surrender.
It is adapting yourself to what is, opening yourself for what is not and  accepting  what cannot  be  changed.   In this highest state of consciousness,  every desire for control disappears and you make use of everything that life offers you.                                  Janosh



You   always   have    choice.   

The Great Mother Goddess  or  Sophia  appears  in nearly  every  culture  and  society;   she is concerned with the survival and maturing of all creation.  She is black because she is primal  (the first important, original and fundamental). She has hidden herself in the unconscious of humanity until recently to save herself from complete destruction. 

She is typically expressed in Sacred Geometry (the basis of mandalas) as a Diamond over a Square as seen here.  The central configuration is that of a Chestahedron which is the opening of a Portal Home through the activation of the Heart Muscle (not the Heart chakra)


                                 Opening a Portal to heal an ancient aboriginal burial site


                                                                     Yoga Studio 

    Inter Galactic Being Mandalas  -  Reconnect with your overriding/over-lighting Being that will             guide you through  these challenging times of new energies coming to the planet.             

                            A Mandala gift for my Mother


 STARGATE ADELAIDE                                                   STARGATE BELFAST
              for Southern Hemisphere                                                   for Northern Hemisphere

MANDALAS can be a wonderful resolution finder for difficult situations giving unexpected answers in extremely surprising ways.


           purify,  heal, stabilize and empower a person for joy,  fulfillment,  success,
          open   multi  dimensional  doorways,  clearing shadow aspects and  allowing                 hidden  gifts to emerge.  

The secret is,  achieving,  not   condemning  what is bad in yourself and throwing it away, but by a process bring opposites together.  The ego must see that is belongs to the same reality as your soul.
It needs  to  find  so  much  in common with  your  soul  that  it  lets  go  of  its selfish agenda in favour of a better way of life.

A circle,  the starting point of a mandala,  by -passes the conscious/ego, enabling us to access  higher  awareness  and  understanding   which  then allows us to cope with the unknown.    It is  truly who we are  that a mandala allows us to feel and deeply know; the  shapes  held  within the mandala unlocking the mind creating a space for this new awareness to grow, bringing to the light of your conscious awareness “things” that have been hidden by the darkness of unconsciousness.

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