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VOICE a Tool for Transformation

Singing regulates, sustains and deepens the breath, increasing the sensitivity of our hearing and refines the internal sensing process. Singing resonates the entire physical body and electro-magnetic field, fully engaging the mind, giving the emotions a vehicle for expression and an overall sense of well-being.


When we combine the singing of sustained pitches with specific vowels and directed concentration we revitalize our internal organs, balance our chakras and calm our nervous system. In short, the quality of our voice can be a reflection of our emotional, physical, and spiritual condition.


Over centuries many methods for training the voice have been devised to meet the rigors of public performance for the various styles that are part of our musical culture today.


The truly natural healthful voice required for the purpose of meditation or self-development that we seek does not have to focus on constant practice but a focus on the spiritual or soul aspects which can easily release the healing qualities of voice which can then be used for self healing or for others.


The key to reclaiming a natural voice lies with a full use of the entire breathing process. When our breathing functions without restriction a subtle expansion and contraction can be felt in the whole body, namely the throat, neck, diaphragm, scalp, buttocks and especially the lungs. One’s truly natural voice that we seek can gradually emerge as restrictions in breath support are released, internal organs for support also become more involved, breathing becomes fuller and deeper, the voice becoming more resonant, richer and soul-full.


The fullness, flexibility and resonance of the voice results as a matter of course when we allow these tensions to evaporate. The healing of the voice is actually enhanced when the vibration of the sounds are focused on healing oneself via the balancing of the chakras with the voice!


As the vowels of language are the sounds of the soul, particular attention should be paid to correct sounding and shaping of these. Through the enhanced abilities of sensing voice sounding can bring we are using vibration to open doors to other aspects of ourselves that may have been locked in our unconscious until this moment of new choices.


Bringing all this together can be a key to consistent health when there is a free flow of bodily energy with resulting vitality, creating a sense of emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. pic 5
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